2023 Annual Stockholders' Meeting

Instruction: Cast your vote on each agenda item for approval

1. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting held on 12 May 2022
2. Approval of the Annual Report and the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2022
3. Ratification of all Acts, Proceedings and Resolutions of the Board of Directors and Management since the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting held on 12 May 2022 up to 11 May 2023
4. To elect the following persons to the Board of Directors of the Corporation to serve until the next annual meeting of the shareholders or until their successors are elected and qualified:
i. Dr. Lucio C. Tan (Director)
ii. Carmen K. Tan (Director)
iii. Lucio C. Tan III (Director)
iv. Eduardo Luis T. Luy (Director)
v. Vivienne K. Tan (Director)
vi. Michael G. Tan (Director)
vii. Kyle Ellis C. Tan (Director)
viii. Johnip G. Cua (Director)
ix. Ben C. Tiu (Independent Director)
x. Marixi R. Prieto (Independent Director)
xi. Samuel C. Uy (Independent Director)
5. Appointment of SGV & Co. as external auditor of the Corporation for 2023

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